The Evolution of Design

     At Graphic Park we specialize in Custom Designed Web Pages,
Print Layout and Design for Books, Brochures etc.
And ebook layout for Kindle, Smashwords and more.
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Web Pages can be very complex in design while still being easy to navigate.

     Rather than try to list the many options for each web design,
(Gif's, Animated Gif's, JPEG, 3-D Rendering, Java Script, Audio, etc.) we have come to realize that it is easier for both parties to simply consult with our staff and we will give you a reasonable quote.

     If the quote is accepted then you just sit back and watch the progress, with your input throughout the process. Most sites are finished and up-and running within about 14 days Depending on the size and complexity of course.

     Prices  to clients have ranged from $400 to $5,500.
Average pricing is $800 to $1,500

     All prices include: listings with the major search engines.
We work very hard to get you a high listing without resorting to spamming, which can lead to your site being banned from some search engines.
     Unlimited Photo's and corresponding thumbnail shots, no charge for links, no hidden charges for maintenance, billed as needed.
This is your Web Site, you decide if you would like an update.
If however your page requires daily, weekly or monthly changes, we can work out an affordable way to accommodate your needs.

     MOBILE FRIENDLY SITES are available with custom graphics. Fitting all devices from home PC's to tablets and Smartphones.

For more information or quotes e-mail Graphic Park